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is a bold and innovative new studio based in the heart of Helsinki


We are building a studio where every person has the freedom and encouragement to innovate

Our core belief is that innovation should not stop with games and products, but in how a studio is built and operated.

The ambition at Skunkworks is to stop at nothing to create an environment that allows people to thrive and grow. Most importantly, we give everyone the opportunity to challenge the status quo.

And we are proud to work together with PG SOFT on the game Wild Bandito.

Helsinki – the birthplace of Clash of Clans and Angry Birds – is a hotbed of mobile game innovation. Skunkworks is leading its new wave of young, ambitious studios.

Proudly based in the center of Helsinki



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Orders filled in-game

A social merge game, where players merge, trade, and help to rebuild an almost-forgotten community.


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