Our story

Who are we? - What do we do? - Why are we doing this?

Our values


Nobody can communicate better what games they want to play than players themselves. We study our audiences and listen to them to help guide our design process end-to-end.


The moment we think we know everything, we’re dead in the water. Along with listening, keeping a curious and open mind is key to our success.


We are a small and extremely agile team that is prepared to address its weakest areas quickly to overcome adverse situations. Where we lack knowledge, we find new and ingenuitive ways to fill the gaps.

How we got here

The core of Skunkworks’ team has been together for 3+ years, while James joined us mid-2019. We formed around a single dream:

Disrupt the mass market by reaching underserved audiences, combining hard data, warm hearts, and real user experience.


Before Skunkworks we gathered our industry- and entrepreneurial experience working on multiple different game projects and in various teams.

Making dreams come true

We believe that the game industry needs more developers like us – thinking outside of the box, while keeping the realities in mind. Loving each project, but not too much to move forward if the players don’t. This is our way of making an everlasting impact to the approach of making mobile games.

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